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A story of tenacity and effort.

The History of a Palace

Also known as Palacio de Gallo and Adán de Yarza, Palacio Urgoti was built by Don Miguel Vélez de Larrea at the end of 17th century in Galdakao and has always belonged to the Adán de Yarza family.

Palacio Urgoiti was situated originally in Galdakao at 15 kilometres from Mungia. The palace always had a strategic position between the routes to Arratia and Zornotza. 

The palace was the setting for different historical events in Bizkaia and the meeting point for members of the nobility including Don Carlos de Borbón.

Important members of the Adán de Yarza family lived in the palace such as Rodrigo Adán de Yarza who was the mayor of the region of Bizkaia from 1338.

Stone by stone


In 1968 with the construction of the Bilbao-Behobia highway, the palace was confiscated and demolished although many people asked the authorities to preserve it. However its owner at that time, José María Solano Gil-Delgado Adán de Yarza, decided to take it apart and number stone by stone. These stones were kept for 30 years waiting the right moment to be rebuilt.

Stone by stone

Tenacity and effort

The Basque Country suffered in 1983 its worst floodings recorded, which affected the possible reconstruction of the palace due to the loss of building plans and the deterioration of the stones. When the little documentation needed was rescued, a slow process to classify and count the stones started. The palace was rebuilt stone by stone as if it were a puzzle.

Three centuries with the same family


In 2004 the real reconstruction of Palacio Urgoiti started. This was an exemplary reconstruction using fine materials to mantain the style and the original design of the palace. Thanks to this careful reconstruction, nowadays we can enjoy this great building of the traditional architecture of Bizkaia. 

It is important to remember that the ownership of the Palacio de Zubieta and the Palacio Urgoiti has remained in the same family throughout three centuries. 

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