Golf Reservations

Green Fee Reservations

Reserve your Green Fee here. We're open every day.

Instructions for booking Green Fees.

  • Book and pay online
  • Outings every 10 minutes
  • Max 4 Players/Tee
  • Once on the course, head directly to Tee 1
  • You will receive a Booking Confirmation email.

Practice Course Reservations

Reserve the Practice Course here. We're open every day.

Instructions for booking the course

  • To access the training course, you need to pay an entrance fee of €2.
  • Payment must be made online
  • The duration of the reservation is 1 hour, and the site must be left available when the time is up.
  • Ball cards can be picked up directly at reception.
  • After completing your reservation, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation.

Golf School Reservations

Private Lessons:

  • Make a reservation at the Golf School and pay online.
  • Check with the teacher in advance by calling the following phone numebr: 600 89 38 64

Classes and Courses:

  • Individual and group classes for 1h / week and with 5h and 10h subsidies.
  • Quarterly courses for children and adults.

For more information, please write an email to the following address : or call 666 89 38 64

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