Weddings & Celebrations

Your ideal wedding at Palacio Urgoiti

Married in the best natural setting

We pour all our experience into organising your dream day. This is why each event is unique; we select every detail that makes up your wedding in a personalised way.
We guide our clients through every stage of this special event and become a key pillar of support during its preparation. We are in constant contact with our clients and supervise every step of the organisation of this wonderful celebration. This way, we make planning your wedding feel easy and straightforward. We make sure that every aspect of your special day is unique and different.
Our Chef, together with his team, offers a wide range of attractive menus able to please both traditional tastes and the most daring palates. We take care to only select the finest ingredients, which we consider to be the basis for preparing a menu worth remembering.

Civil Ceremony

The ceremonies of Palacio Urgoiti

In the spaces of Palacio Urgoiti, you can celebrate your dream wedding ceremony. This unique space has a warm, well-lit environment that is open to the garden, the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Additionally, if you wish, we can provide a master of ceremonies who will help you prepare the different parts of the event.

Cocktail on the main terrace

An iconic site

The welcome cocktail will be served on the main terrace, one of the most iconic parts of Palacio Urgoiti. Enjoy your cocktail in the company of your guests while the photographers captures the moment in this iconic space. To make the event even more special, you can include a master ham slicer, a jazz band, a saxophone player or any of the many other options we have available. Also, for weddings held at sunset, we can light up the terrace with torches and romantic candles, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere.

Banquet Hall

Up to 145 guests

Banquet Hall with capacity for up to 145 guests. A spacious hall bathed in natural light and with direct access to the outdoor terrace. The food will be served on plates on round tables, and you can also include a round or oval Presidential Table. All tables will have meticulous aesthetic and visual decorations.

Disco with Private Outdoor Terrace

An iconic site

We have the perfect place to put the cherry on the cake on this unforgettable day. We give you our disco with an outdoor terrace: a completely independent space with every service necessary for enjoying a true party.
What’s more, the Palacio Urgoiti has its very own DJ, a talented musician who will whip the crowd into a frenzy based on your tastes and preferences.